Texas Blood Trackers tracking tests

The purpose of our tests are to assess the handler and dog’s ability to track and recover wounded game. The tests are pass/fail and the handlers will not know where the track is prior to testing. The tracks may be laid in any type of enviroment as long as it is a natural game enviroment. Tests may be performed on or off leash, all off leash requests will need to be done prior to testing. Any breed of any age are eligible for testing, there are no breed or age restrictions. Handlers are allowed a number of resets of their dog, the last reset will result in failing the test.






Beginner/Puppy Trail:


Approximately 400 yards

6 ounces of blood steady trail

1 90 degree turn

1 wound bed

Aged at least 2 hours

3 handler resets






Intermediate Trail:


Approximately 800 yards

6 ounces of blood intermittent trail

2 90 degree turns

2 wound beds

Aged at least 8 hours

2 handler resets







Advanced Trail:


Approximately 1000 yards

3 ounces of blood w/tracking shoes.

3 90 degree turns

2 wound beds

Aged overnight

1 handler reset


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